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Apple  Varieties Grown by Lakeside Orchards

late August....

JERSEYMAC An all purpose, sweet-tart early McIntosh type apple, developed in N.J. but widely grown in the Northeast. Medium  size, 3/4 red, good flavor, medium firm, good eating. We can ship these in early gift packs through the end of September. Jersey Mac is a New Jersey 24 x Julyred cross developed by the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station kin New  Brunswick, N. J.

PAULARED Good for fresh eating, pies and sauce. It's ready a week after Jersey Mac. An early maturing red fall apple. It has a  tart flavor and keeps well. We can ship this apple in gift packs until early  October. Paulared was a chance seedling that was discovered in Sparta, Michigan,  and introduced in 1967.

early September....

McINTOSH The most popular New England apple. If  harvested and stored well, it is tender-crisp and a delicious mixture of  sweetness and tartness, good for eating and cooking. We have these available for shipping in gift packs from the middle of September until we run out of apples sometime in the spring. The McIntosh is a chance seedling that originated about  1796 on the farm of John McIntosh in Dundela, Ontario. Many redder strains have  been developed since them. We grow several of them, and all have excellent flavor.

PRIMA Very crisp and tart. An excellent eating  apple. A scab resistant variety, we have just a few trees that were planted for  evaluation. Production is low and they require multiple pickings and do not keep  well, so no more were planted. We sell the few that we harvest in our retail  store. Prima originated from a cooperative disease resistance breeding program  involving Purdue University, Rutgers University, and the University of Illinois and was named in 1970.

late September....
       CORTLAND A favorite cooking apple which is also  excellent for fresh eating. A red apple, it has very white flesh that is slow to brown and so is a good choice for salads. Available in gift packs starting the last week in September, and until we run out in midwinter. The Cortland is a Ben  Davis x McIntosh cross which was named in 1915 by the New York State Ag. Experiment Station in Geneva, New York.
       SPARTAN Dark red, almost purple, firm and sweet  with just a hint of tartness. Noted for its eating quality but also a good pie apple. Available in gift packs from late September until Christmas. The Spartan is a McIntosh x Yellow Newtown cross named in 1936 by Agriculture Canada, Summerland, British Columbia.
       MACOUN A real treat with many fans. Extra crisp  and sweet. An excellent all purpose apple but so good to eat that we can never seem to spare any for cooking. Dark purple with corners. Available in gift packs  from the end of September until we run out in early November. Macoun is a selection from a McIntosh x Jersey Black cross and was named in 1923 by the New York State Agricultural experiment Station at Geneva, N. Y.

       RED DELICIOUS Hard and sweet. The apple with  the 6 bumps on the bottom. Because it's taste improves in storage, it seems to  be at its best in time for Christmas. Good for fresh eating and salads. Not recommended for cooking. Available in gift packs from early October until we run  out sometime in January. Delicious originated as a chance seedling in Iowa in the late 1800s and was named in 1895. Redder strains have been developed since then, but the flavor has not improved as much as the color.
       GOLDEN DELICIOUS Sweet and juicy with  some tartness. An excellent all purpose apple. Available in gift packs from  mid-October until we run out around Christmas time. Golden Delicious originated  in West Virginia as a chance seedling. It was introduced by Stark Brothers Nurseries in 1916.

Newer Varieties (for us)
       Young trees are beginning to bear the following varieties. Quantities are  small, but we have enough for our retail store, the pick-your-own customers, and  usually still have a few available for gift packs. These varieties are usually all sold out by mid December.
       GALA One of the new dense tasty apples developed in New Zealand. A firm crisp juicy red apple with a sweet and mildly  aromatic taste. Gala is a cross of Kidd's Orange x Golden Delicious introduced in New Zeland in 1960. Redder strains have been developed, but flavor has been retained.
       EMPIRE A sweet, tasty apple that is  firmer, darker colored, and a little smaller than McIntosh. An open-pollinated  seedling of McIntosh (strongly felt to be a Red Delicious x McIntosh cross)  selected by the NYS Ag. Exp. Sta. at Geneva, N.Y., and named in 1966.
       JONAGOLD A large, firm, orangish-red,  sweet-tart apple with juicy crisp flesh. Jonagold is a Golden Delicious x Jonathan cross named by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva, N. Y., in 1968. Jonagold has become a leading variety in Europe and is currently gaining in popularity in the U.S.
       SPENCER A large, firm, late maturing  red apple with a tangy, sweet flavor. Spencer is a McIntosh x Golden Delicious cross made at Summerland, British Columbia in 1929, and named in 1959.
       MUTSU/CRISPIN An excellent, dense, juicy  eating apple maturing in late October. Greenish yellow with a faint reddish  blush when ripe. A very large apple that is hard to put into gift packs because of its size. The Mutsu is a Golden Delicious x Indo cross named in 1948 by the  Aomori Apple Experiment Station, Kuroishi, Japan.
       NORTHERN SPY A fine older variety with a slightly tart flavor. A traditional pie apple, but many like to eat it fresh. We have a very few of these for sale in our retail store. Northern Spy originated as a chance seedling around 1800 (some say 1874) in an orchard in East Bloomfield, N.Y.
       HYSLOP CRABAPPLE A medium size, about 1  to 1 1/2 inches in diameter, scarlet red crabapple, used for jelly or to make spiced crabapples. It makes a deep orange colored flavorsome jelly. We sell jelly we make from these crabapples at our retail store. We include this jelly  in selected gift packs and also ship it by itself on request. A few people have us ship them a few pounds of crabapples so they can make their own jelly. Its  origin is unknown.

       NOTE: Much of the apple historical and parentage  information was derived from "Fruit Cultivars- A Guide to Commercial Growers",  published by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, publication number 430, May, 1992. ISBN 0-7729-9823-X.

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